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Steve Jackson's Appearances

Want to meet Steve? Here's a list of conventions he's attending, as well as other events where you can find him and say hello.

Our other staff members make appearances, too – click here for a complete list.

March 20-22, 2020
Lancaster, PA

An annual celebration of anime, comics, games, science fiction, and fandom! The three-day event will include panels, workshops, anime & live action screenings, concerts, cosplay, video gaming, tabletop gaming, LARP, AMVs, dances, vendors, artists, and more! I will be there with Jimmie Bragdon, and we will bring . . . games!

April 3-5, 2020
Austin, TX

Our own convention is FnordCon in Austin, and this year it will be bigger and better, and of course I will be there. It's a small show, by design, so members will have a chance for face time with each other, the SJ Games staff, me . . . and our Guest of Honor, John Kovalic!

This year, instead of the little TCEA convention center, we are at the Omni Hotel. It's a nice place and we have all the room we need. And in addition to the traditional Huge Swag Bag, we've got an extra swag present for those who stay at the hotel – thus helping us make our room block, and keeping the space affordable. (room link)

For more info, see, which we will do our best to update regularly with news.

– Steve Jackson

Trip Reports
August 15-19, 2019

I had the great privilege of being one of the Guests of Honour at the 77th World Science Fiction Convention, held in Dublin, Ireland. This is the first time that a Worldcon has selected a game designer as a GoH, and I am (still) both humbled and excited!

Monica and I had a wonderful time. The other GoHs were Bill and Mary Burns, Diane Duane, Ginjer Buchanan, Ian McDonald, and Jocelyn Bell Burnell. All of them turned out to be neat, interesting people, and I am grateful to the con for arranging chances for us to interact rather than keeping us all separately busy for the whole event.

I got some good playtesting done in the game room, and was introduced to two fine games, Azul and Colt Express, which I had not played before.

And I had a lot of just plain fun. I got to sit in the Captain's chair of the Starfleet vessel U.S.S. Cuchulainn. I acquired a wonderful purple origami spider. I attended the Hugo Losers' Party and got to see Hugo winners in squid hats. I saw swans on the Liffey!

It was an excellent show. If there's another Worldcon bid from around here someday – and I'm sure that there will be – I shall support it with enthusiasm.

And after the con . . . tourism! We visited a half-dozen different museums and libraries and saw amazing and beautiful things.

Special acknowledgements go to Chair James Bacon, for leading a remarkable team; for my old friend Colm Lundberg, for taking good care of us through the show; and to all the people I played with in the game room, for reminding me that I was at home.

August 1-4, 2019
Indianapolis, IN

Gen Con is approaching! I'll be doing the "Steve vs. the World" Ogre game, and running a game of TFT for Kickstarter backers, and hosting a couple of multi-multiplayer Deadly Doodles. And probably doing some other stuff, but also wandering around having fun.

June 28-30, 2019
Chattanooga, TN

Everything about LibertyCon went very well . . . which was probably a surprise to the organizers, because a hotel problem forced a date change only a few months before the event. But the new hotel was fine, and everything went magnificently!

At the charity auction, two Munchkin cards went for $1,000 each. Words fail me.

I watched a couple of games of Terraforming Mars, and then played one. Good game; it has been heavily hyped, but in my opinion it deserves it, and I will play again.

And, as usual at Liberty, there was a thriving game room, and we got in a lot of playtesting, as well as demos of games already released.

A great event (also as usual) and I will be back next year.

June 16, 2019
Columbus, OH

Because of a conflict with Brickworld, I was only able to attend Origins for the last day. But according to all reports, it was a well run convention. Certainly everything that I saw was proceeding smoothly and much fun was being had. The dealer room was a madhouse, which is a GOOD thing if you're a dealer!

On Sunday afternoon I ran a TFT game for four of our Kickstarter backers. They survived the dungeon and got out again, though there were a couple of tense moments when . . . hmm, I'd better not spoil, because I'm hosting this adventure again at Gen Con.

The next day we went to an excellent bookstore in Germantown. I bought an anthology: The Year's Best Science Fiction, which is not merely always reliable (Gardner Dozois is, I think, incapable of selecting a bad story) but thick enough to get me through both plane flights.

June 12-15, 2019
Schaumburg, IL

After missing two years in a row, I got to go back to Brickworld! It was good to see old friends, goggle at the work of Lego builders beside whom I am a mere speck on the windshield, and generally have a great time. Guy Himber and I ran the traditional Charity Munchkin Game. Saturday night I took off for Columbus, to make the last day of Origins.

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