Floor Plan 4: Mall of the Dead

Floor Plan 4: Mall of the Dead

Eight sheets. * Suggested Retail Price $16.95
Stock number 7304 * ISBN 1-55634-557-7
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Written by Heather Oliver * Floor Plans by Heather Oliver
Edited by Andrew Hackard * Cover art by Christopher Shy
Cardboard Heroes by Tom Biondolillo and Denis Loubet

You can get anything at the mall. But what good will the bounty of American consumerism do you when the dead walk again, and naught will satisfy them save the very flesh from your bones?

Mall of the Dead is the latest in the Floor Plan series. Eight large, double-sided maps give you the entire layout of the multi-level mall. The maps use 1" square grid on one side, and 1" hex grid on the other, so the maps are equally useful for GURPS, d20, and many other systems.

Mall of the Dead also includes a sheet of Cardboard Heroes (including a zombie Santa Claus), adventure seeds, plus stats for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, the zombie-fest RPG from Eden Studios.

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