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What People Are Saying About GURPS Discworld

"GURPS Discworld is comprehensive. As well as the obvious–stats for main characters like Cohen, Rincewind and Ridcully–you get a genuine feel for how the world works, from Ankh-Morpork politics to magical theory. GURPS Discworld is a fantasy world with situation comedy, one which works as a game setting–unlike other comedic efforts such as Toon. Advice–ranging from roleplaying Death to tackling Discworld humor–is solid and liberally offered. You even get GURPS Lite, a 32-page version of the rules, for free!"
– InQuest Gamer, February 1999

"I've never read a Discworld novel. . . Yet I came away from reading this book wanting to read other Discworld books. Not only does this book work as a roleplaying resource for GURPS, but it's fun to read in its own right. . .belly laughs and all! . . . This book gets an "A."
– Scott Shafer, RPGnet

"GURPS Discworld is every bit as good as I expected it to be . . . a comprehensive guide to roleplaying on the Disc without being a direct rip-off of the Discworld Companion and Mapps . . . So congratulations to all involved on the project, the book is a superb introduction to RPG's for Disciples and a superb introduction to the Discworld for Roleplayers... Everyone's a winner!"
– Dave Higgins, "Ramtop to Rimfall", Discworld newsletter

"Overall this is certainly one to buy . . . It's best seen as the basis for designing a campaign; while you won't find one ready-made here, there are plenty of ideas for rolling your own, and tweaking it to fit the interests of referee and players. If you don't already own GURPS this is as good a way to try it as you're likely to find, since you don't need any other material to run it. But if you don't like Pratchett, or have no sense of humour, avoid it like the plague."
– Marcus L. Rowland, "Let em Roll", Odyssey Magazine issue 6.

"Simple system, neat world, good writing, great art – what more do you want? Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got 20 or so Discworld books to read."
– Kenneth Hite, MANIA Magazine, 9-11-98

"I just picked up GURPS Discworld, and I would like to congratulate Steve Jackson Games for putting out one of the finest RPG anythings that I've ever seen. This book rocks like it ain't nobody's business!

"Also, I'd like to thank SJGames for introducing me to the writings of Terry Pratchett. Prior to Pyramid's postings of its Discworld articles, I had not even heard of Pratchett. However, I read the article on Ankh-Morpork and almost died laughing. I ran out (well, not literally) and purchased my first Discworld novel: Small Gods. A little over a month later, I've read five more Pratchett novels and have loved everyone of them (Eric and Wyrd Sisters are my favorites so far).

"If anyone reading this hasn't read a Discworld novel and/or hasn't picked up GURPS Discworld, then get thee to a book store and/or gaming shop. You'll be glad you did."
– Phillip Weiss

"This book is also hilarious. Like the books, it makes extensive use of funny footnotes, and even the chapter titles are great. (The title of the chapter on magic, for example, is Messin' With Reality.)

"Overall, this is one of my favorite RPGs ever. The authors should be commended and you should buy it, play it, and have fun. Even those of you who have never read the original books will love it, and it may inspire you to pick up a few of them."
– Sam Lindsay-Levine, RPGnet review of GURPS Discworld

"The artwork by Paul Kidby is beautiful. When I showed the book to my girlfriend (who loves Discworld but is not a gamer) she repeatedly commented that the characters looked exactly as she'd imagined them. This is both a credit to Paul Kidby for his skill and to Terry Pratchett for creating characters so well-realized that we all know exactly what they look like."
– Kevin Mowery, RPGnet review of GURPS Discworld

"The book is wonderfully written. . . a joy to read. . .I didn't know GURPS before and I liked it. It's a quick and simple system with a lot of optional rules if you want more realism."
– Andreas Beck, Pooka's Gaming Corner

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