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October 1, 2017:
Our friends at Peachstate Hobby Distribution have started a GoFundMe campaign for the aid and support of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.  As you know, the United States has been ravaged by storms recently, with the last big one leaving large sections of Puerto Rico without power, food, and water. Sito Sanchez, president of PHD and born and raised in San Juan, started this charity drive to fund this disaster relief . . . read article

October 2, 2017:
It's been well over 25 years since I said "we're planning to release this in 1991." What can I say? Right after that prediction went to print, the Secret Service happened . . . read article

October 3, 2017:
I have to admit that there's a bit of a villain in me. When I play a game, my goal is to make sure all my opponents lose badly . . . read article

October 4, 2017:
After who-knows-how-many printings of Illuminati, it's time to refresh the cards to fit the current New World Order. So in 2018, that will happen . . . read article

October 5, 2017:
Our upcoming Munchkin Collectible Card Game is officially at print, and now we're gearing up for the launch in February. There'a lot of work that goes on between sending files to the printer and the cards reaching stores, and a big part of that involves introducing the game to all of you . . . read article

October 6, 2017:
You've faced the deadliest AI on the tabletop; now take on Ogre in the digital realm!  Thanks to our friends at Auroch Digital, the Ogre video game is now available on Steam, with as many options as any Last War commander could hope for. If you like Ogre, you'll like this – the digital implementation stays true to the original game . . . read article

October 7, 2017:
If you want to land Bigfoot, stop trying to track him, hunt him, cage him, or record him. Instead, woo him . . . read article

October 8, 2017:
A couple of years ago, we had the opportunity to partner with our friends at Paizo for Munchkin Pathfinder, Munchkin Pathfinder Deluxe, and Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition. So we know just how beautifully detailed Paizo can make a tabletop roleplaying universe, as evidenced by the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. We have no doubt that Paizo's new science-fantasy tabletop RPG will engross just as many fans . . . in fact, the Starfinder Core Rulebook was released at Gen Con 50 this August and sold out on the first day! . . . read article

October 9, 2017:
In today's crowded market, we're finding more and more that stand-alone games are ephemeral items, hitting store shelves and then vanishing from the public consciousness within a month or two. Of the thousands of new games published over the last few years, only a fraction have kept any long-term shelf presence . . . read article

October 10, 2017:
As summer comes to a close and we welcome our chilly fall weather, let's take a look back at what came out in September. Pick up these new releases, perfect for cozy autumn game nights at home, at your friendly local game store!  Muertoons Tio Rico's up to his old tricks! You and your friends are looking for the Día de los Muertos celebration . . . read article

October 11, 2017:
Aw geez, Rick! This weekend, October 14-15, game stores across the nation, in coordination with USAopoly, are hosting Munchkin: Rick And Morty events! . . . read article

October 12, 2017:
Munchkin Shakespeare is out! It's been reaching Kickstarter backers for a month or so; I've really enjoyed watching the backers posting their just-unboxed sets on Twitter . . . read article

October 13, 2017:
There's a chill in the air . . . enough to give you goosebumps. Halloween is coming, but it's more than that . . . read article

October 14, 2017:
It's not every day that a game we make has characters also featured in a play, and it's even less common that you could find them in the same place. Fortunately for us, serendipity happens! . . . read article

October 15, 2017:
Your Kickstarter support for the first Ogre Miniatures set was amazing, so we're doing it again!  The Ogre Miniatures 2 campaign will launch Nov. 13, as Set 1 supporters are receiving their rewards. This time we are skipping the stretch goals and going straight to the final number of units . . . read article

October 16, 2017:
Not so loud. If you ask UNESCO, sure, you're going to get the boring party line about the Jornada Biosphere Reserve, its location and ecosystem and blah-blah-blah . . . read article

October 17, 2017:
I enjoyed Port Royal the first time I played it – and the second time, and the third time, and so on. It's got pirates, which is never a bad thing, but what it's really got is that Euro vibe of building an economic engine . . . read article

October 18, 2017:
Our new Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game started shipping to project supporters last month, and many of the U.S. backers have already received their games. The initial responses have been spectacular, so now it is time we direct our attention away from fulfilling the Kickstarter project to launching the game in stores . . . read article

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