Something For Everyone

by Steve Brinich

OK, here's another attempt at creating a useful tool for brainwashing, er, recruiting INWO players.


This is a One Moderate-Sized Deck desinged to be balanced for any of the Illuminati.

This deck is designed for play using INWO SubGenius rules.

Card Selection Notes

This deck can be built out of one INWO OWE set plus one SubGenius set. Groups are selected to include a wide cross-section of alignments (ranging from 8 Fanatic groups to 11.5 Liberal groups) and attributes, particularly the attributes relevant to specific Illuminati (Computer, Secret, and SubGenius).

Plots are selected to include all the available +10s, all the available alignment-changers, and a cross-section of other useful Plots. For simplicity, Assassinations and Disasters have been omitted.


Adepts of Hermes

This deck has 5 Magic Resources and 5 Magic Groups.

Under SubGenius rules, there are normally no Group hands. In order to use their special ability, the Adepts are an exception -- they have a Group hand, and if they attempt to take over a Group from their hand and fail, the Group returns to their hand. (If they fail to take over a Group from the uncontrolled area, it remains in the uncontrolled area, as usual.)

To prevent this Group hand from becoming unwieldy, and to limit the Adepts' ability to keep certain Groups out of circulation, this Group hand is limited to 5 cards, just like the Plot hand. The Adepts may have more than 5 Group cards in hand during their turn, but if they exceed this limit when it is not their turn they must immediately place the excess Group cards into the uncontrolled area (they may *not* discard them).

Bavarian Illumianti

This deck includes plenty of heavy hitters (13 Groups with printed Power 5 or better). OTOH, you'll have to fight for them (especially the ones that count double for somebody else), and many of them are Straight or Government (and so cannot be used against Discordia). Your privileged attack ability is powerful, but can be overcome by Deep Agent, Frog God, Interference, or The Moonies.

Bermuda Triangle

This deck includes a good mix of alignments (the rarest, Fanatic, appears 8 times) and moderate-to-high power Groups.

Church of the Subgenius

This deck includes 6 SubGenius Groups. The SubGenius ability to accumulate Slack (Illuminati actions) and count up to three Slack as Groups is useful, but watch out for . . . Or Kill Me!

Discordian Society

This deck includes 11 Weird Groups (3 of them count double for you). You are immune to most (but not all) of the powerful Groups in this deck. Watch out for Gordo Remora and the Good Sex For Mutants Dating League.

If the high-power Weird Groups don't come out, you'll need the right Plots (Attitude Mutation, Jake Day, The Weird Turn Pro) or The Gay Activists (there are many powerful Straight groups in this deck -- but The Gay Activists will be targeted about as intensely as the I.R.S. or Nuclear Power Companies).

Gnomes of Zurich

This deck includes 10 Corporate Groups and 5 Banks (7 of them count double for you). OTOH, there are many powerful Government groups that can destroy your Corporate Groups, and the CFL-AIO in enemy hands can ruin your whole day.

The Network

This deck includes 8 Computer groups (5 of them count double for you). Drawing two Plot cards per turn is especially useful in a One Big Deck game. OTOH, you're likely to be in trouble if somebody else gets Japan or the Phone Phreaks.

Servants of Cthulhu

This deck includes a wide range of Groups with assorted bonuses to destroy things. The Men In Black and Advanced... Nazi Hell Creatures... are the most generally useful, but try to get a variety of other more specialized ones as well.


This deck includes 9 Peaceful Groups with 24 total Power. Shangri-La's special goal is reduced to 20 Peaceful Power in play (i.e. in somebody's Power Structure), which will probably require hanging on until most of the Groups deck is played, drawing the right Plots (Attitude Mutation, Nobel Peace Prize, or Kinder and Gentler), or getting The Gay Activists (*keeping* them, even with your defensive bonus, is another matter). Alternatively, you can simply turtle, take your groups where you can get them, and go for a regular victory.

Society of Assassins

This deck includes 5 Secret Groups and 8 Fanatic groups. The Fanatic groups are mostly weak, but the Libertarians and Moral Minority have the potential to become quite powerful.

Note that Secrecy does not have its usual effects under SubGenius rules – it only matters in determining which groups count double for the SoA and for special abilities that mention Secret groups (e.g. Junk Mail).


This deck doesn't use Goal cards. Instead, the UFOs secretly select the Goal of one other Illuminati, and reveal it when they declare victory. If the victory attempt fails, the Goal remains in effect (though now everybody knows what it is).

The Deck (130 cards)

The cards in the deck are listed below. Listings with an asterisk have modifications listed under "Card Notes".

Groups (60)

  • Advanced Supersonic Aluminum Nazi Hell Creatures...
  • AMA
  • Antinuclear Activists
  • Antiwar Activists
  • BATF
  • Big Media
  • Bill Clinton
  • Cable TV
  • California
  • Canada
  • Citizens For Normalcy
  • Clone Arrangers
  • Congressional Wives
  • Democrats
  • Divine Mail Order
  • Dokstok
  • Druids
  • EFF
  • England
  • FBI
  • Federal Reserve
  • Fiendish Flouridators
  • Fnord Motor Company
  • 'Frop Farm
  • Gay Activists
  • Good Sex For Mutants Dating League
  • Gordo Remora
  • Gun Lobby
  • Hackers
  • IRS*
  • Japan
  • Junk Mail
  • Libertarians
  • Liquor Companies
  • Local Police Departments
  • Mafia
  • The Men In Black
  • Moonies
  • Moral Minority
  • New York
  • Nuclear Power Companies
  • Offshore Banks
  • Pentagon
  • Phone Company
  • Phone Phreaks
  • Reformed Church of Satan
  • Republicans
  • Savings & Loans
  • Science Fiction Fans
  • Silicon Valley
  • St. Janor Hypercleats
  • Stonehenge
  • Texas
  • Tobacco Companies
  • Vatican City
  • Wall Street


  • Book Of Kells
  • Frog God
  • Hammer of Thor
  • Necronomicon
  • Spear of Longinus

Plots (65)

  • Agent In Place
  • Albino Alligators
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Attitude Mutation
  • Backlash
  • Benefit Concert
  • The Big Score
  • Bulldada
  • Charismatic Leader
  • Citizenship Award
  • Cold Fusion
  • Commitment*
  • Deep Agent
  • Devival
  • Emergency Powers
  • Fake Healing
  • Fundie Money
  • Give Me Slack, Or Give Me Food
  • Good Polls
  • Grassroots Support
  • Harmonica Virgins
  • Hat Trick
  • Infobahn
  • Interference
  • Jake Day
  • Jihad
  • Just Say No
  • Kinder And Gentler
  • Let's Get Organized
  • Let's Get REALLY Organized
  • Liberal Agenda
  • Luck Plane
  • Martial Law
  • Martyrs
  • Miraculous Manifestation
  • Mob Influence
  • Monopoly
  • Nationalization
  • New Blood
  • Nobel Peace Prize
  • ...Or Kill Me!
  • Power Corrupts
  • Privatization
  • Privileged Attack
  • Pulitzer Prize
  • Rain of Prairie Squid
  • Repent!
  • Save The Whales
  • Savings & Loan Scam
  • Schizm
  • The Second Bullet
  • Self-Esteem
  • Shordurpersav
  • Slush Fund
  • Smite Them All!
  • Stealing The Plans
  • Stock Split
  • Straighten Up
  • Swiss Bank Account
  • Tape Runs Out...
  • Terrorist Nuke
  • Time Control
  • The Weird Turn Pro
  • The World Ends Tomorrow And You May Die!
  • You'd PAY To Know What You REALLY Think!

Card Notes:

IRS: You collect a card from a rival's Plot hand. He chooses which one to give you.

Commitment: You may play Commitment on a Group in the uncontrolled area.

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