INWO Variant: Demolition Derby (aka Cthulhu Rises)

1. Nobody may play the Servants of Cthulhu.

2. In addition to their regular Illuminati special ability, everyone gets Cthulhu's special ability, except for Instant attacks: +4 on any direct attack to destroy (except instants) and you may draw a plot card whenever you destroy a group.

3. For all the 'control X, destroy Y' goals, reduce the number of groups needed to be controlled by one. Yes, this means you can win by destroying six groups of the appropriate type.

4. Nobody may win by any method until they have destroyed at least one group directly.

Note: Parts 3 and 4 were designed to strongly encourage making attacks to destroy in order to win. However, the following may be better for this:

3. Cthulhu's Special Goal is now the Basic Goal. Each group you destroy directly (or Illuminati you destroy by removing their last group) reduces the number of groups you need to control by one, and if you destroy 8 groups, you win. (Note that this means that NWO Interesting Times does not invalidate this goal.) I recommend playing to at least 12 groups, and possibly more.

Caveat: This has not been playtested. But doesn't it sound like fun? [Aaron Curtis]

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