INWO Variant: Last Man Standing

By Aaron Curtis

  1. The Basic Goal starts at 10 groups.
  2. Each time someone fulfils a goal, they get two victory points. If the goals involved the Basic Goal, increase the Basic Goal by one group. If more than one player fulfils a goal based on the Basic Goal on the same turn, they each get one victory point (the Basic Goal is still increased by one group, however).
  3. A player cannot score a particular goal more than once, except the Basic Goal. If a goal card was used, it is discarded, and may not be recovered by any means.
  4. The game ends when all players agree that they cannot progress further. At this point, they can reveal hidden goals for additional points.
  5. At the end of the game, each player adds to his total 1/2 point for each group in his destroyed pile, and 1 point for each Illuminati. The highest total wins.

The effect of these rules is that a "Last Man Standing" strategy could work, but there are other strategies (multiple goals cards, rampant destruction) that can also win if the game winds down to a stalemate (which is quite likely). A speed deck with multiple doublers could rack up the first several Basic Goal victories, and possibly even win on points even if he is destroyed later.

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