INWO Variant: INWO for Lunch

Can you play INWO in your lunch hour? Of course you can! Here are guidelines for 60 minute INWO.

1. Play to ten groups, including Illuminati. Use the standard Tournament rules.

2. No more than four players are permitted.

3. The game is over *exactly* 60 minutes after it starts, unless it has already ended. Any attack that has begun at this time may be completed, as can any immediate responses to that attack (Murphy's Law or some such). No further attacks are permitted. The winner will be determined by percentage of goals achieved, as explained in the Tournament rules.

4. One player should provide an egg timer. Any player who feels that dawdling is taking place may start the timer: as soon as the timer runs out the dice are rolled for the current attack. If no attack is in progress than play passes immediately to the next player. (So don't spend ten minutes adding up your bonuses!)

5. Lunches that do not need microwaving are recommended! [Bruce McLaren]

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