INWO Variant: The Metronome Solution

The following is a simple way of solving any problems you may be experiencing with speed play. First, you must learn to recognise the rhythm of each INWO game. Everytime you play there is a pace at work: sometimes it is the gentle rhythm of the Blue Danube, sometimes the psychotic beat of Fortuna Imperitrix Mundi. Once you have recognised this rhythm, you are ready to employ the Metronome solution to speed play.

The basis of the Metronome solution is that after playing each card you should wait for one bar before you do anything else.

Many games of INWO are in 4:4, so you play the card and count 2...3...4... and then do anything consequent afterwards. The remaining 3 beats of the bar are an opportunity for people to make an appropriate response, or to shout "Wait!" and decide if they want to do anything in response. After the bar has played itself out, the game resumes and the symphony continues.

It should be noted that some gaming groups prefer 2:2, in which you only give one beat before playing your cards. These tend to be very frantic, exciting games and not recommended to those whose senses are blurred with alcohol, or whose sense of the passage of time has been eroded by prozac. [Mad Chris Bateman]

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