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M A R C H   2 0 2 0 

Shipped March 12, 2020
Shipped March 9, 2020

Illuminati Pocket Box Bundle

The Classic Game of Conspiracy and Conquest!

This bundle came to life during our recent Pocket Boxes of the Eighties Kickstarter. All the Illuminati goodies you really really want, all neatly packaged in this attractive heavy-duty box. The Illuminati Bundle contains the following reproductions of the original releases from the eighties: Illuminati, Illuminati Expansion Set 1, Illuminati Expansion Set 2, and Illuminati Expansion Set 3. We've thrown in an empty Pocket Box for good measure, along with two Illuminati pocket folders!

* The Pocket Box games are all reproductions of the original releases from the eighties!

* The Pocket folders have original Illuminati art by David Martin (1981 and 1982).

* The classic game of conspiracy and world conquest . . .

* Expanded to include membership in the Bavarian Illuminati, and . . .

* Introducing The Orbital Mind Control Lasers, and . . .

* Use Brainwashing and Propaganda. The whole world is your plaything!

Illuminati and its three expansions plus two folders with original artwork! Stock #1169, ISBN 080742097278. $74.95.

Dice Bag: Illuminati

What should you do if you have too many dice? (Well, that’s silly, because you can NEVER have too many dice!) But what you COULD do is pick up this dice bag! This striking (and roomy) Illuminati-themed dice bag will help you keep all those treasures right at your fingertips. The drawstring bag is made of gray fabric, lined with black satin, and holds more than 100 assorted dice! This 6” x 9” bag will be a valuable addition to your next game day, no matter where you play!

Dark gray dice bag with an Illuminati d6 in gray. Stock #5207, ISBN 080742098206. $13.95.

Shipped March 5, 2020
Shipped March 2, 2020

Dice Bag: Cthulhu

So many dice ... What's a gamer to do? This distinctive dice bag will help you keep all your riches (and dice) together, no matter where you are! The drawstring bag is made of green fabric, lined with black satin, and holds more than 100 assorted dice! This Cthulhu-adorned 6" x 9" bag will come in handy on your next game day!

Green dice bag. Comes with a yellow and green 19mm Cthulhu die. Stock #5208, ISBN 080742098190. $13.95.
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R E P R I N T S 

Shipped March 12, 2020

GURPS Atlantis (Reprint)

Lost, But Not Forgotten?

Atlantis: one of the great legends. Somewhere, beyond the edge of the world, a great empire grew decadent and fell, sinking forever beneath the waves.

The Lost Land; the Sunken City; the Ancient Birthplace of Secrets. It has haunted our dreams since the days of Ancient Greece. In some of those dreams, the Lost Land is still out there.

GURPS Atlantis is a gamer's guide to the story, the history, and the myth. From Greek philosophy to superhero comics, from fantasies of prehistory to the depths of the sea, it's all here.

This book includes details of legends of other sunken lands, rules for underwater operations, details of a wide range of submarines, and no less than three campaign background – one high fantasy, one conspiratorial, and one for steampunk or superhero goes.

Come to Atlantis!

130 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-6054, ISBN 978-1-55634-881-5. $22.95.

Shipped March 5, 2020

GURPS Faerie (Reprint)

They lie, steal, kidnap, maim, and kill -- and we put them in our children's nurseries. They are the Fair Folk . . . the Little People . . . the Faeries.

You may think they only appear in tales, but they are everywhere: in the shadows, behind the trees, beneath the hills – and yes, even under the bed. They have lived beside us since the very beginning. Some are pretty and delicate, with gossamer wings . . . others are 10 feet tall with a taste for human flesh, or wizened killers with blue skin and iron claws. This book lets you incorporate them all into your GURPS game.

GURPS Faerie contains:

  • A guide to faeries of the world, from Alaska and Australia to Brazil and Japan.
  • Templates for many different types of faeries . . . and the mortals who know them.
  • A guide to faerie magic.
  • Campaign settings, from traditional European folklore to paranormal investigation or supernatural cyberpunk – or build your own with the tools provided!

Keep cold iron and Scripture close to hand, believe the opposite of what you hear, and don't trust anything you see. And, whatever you do, don't eat their food.

130 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-6055, ISBN 978-1-55634-883-9. $22.95.

W 2 3 

Shipped March 26, 2020

Autoduel Tales: The Fiction of Car Wars

The future is back!

From 1983 through 1993, Autoduel Quarterly published fiction set in the Car Wars universe. Collected for the first time, here are all 30 stories from that era, including the original illustrations. Fron neo-noir to humor to tragic to action, Autoduel Tales: The Fiction of Car Wars delivers snapshots of an unforgettable world where the line between the quick and the dead is painted on asphalt.

273-page PDF. Stock #30-7157, ISBN 978-1-55634. $9.95.
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Shipped March 23, 2020

The Munchkin Alphabet Coloring Book

Letters of Distinction

It may be possible to learn the alphabet without the dungeon-delving excitement of Munchkin . . . but why would you want to? With The Munchkin Alphabet Coloring Book, you'll delight in reading aloud the 26 alphabet verses written by Steve Jackson. Then your little munchkins (or you!) can color the 26 all-new illustrations by Munchkin fan-favorite John Kovalic.

And this digital version is FREE!

34-page PDF. Stock #30-3411, $FREE.
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Shipped March 23, 2020

TFT: O is for Octopus

Learn the ABCs of The Fantasy Trip with this new FREE coloring book, O is for Octopus. Written by Howard Kistler and illustrated by Liz Danforth, this will bring a smile to your face. Maybe several smiles, if you have kids who need something to keep them occupied!

By all means, post your favorite coloring jobs to social media and tag us @sjgames. We want to see what you do!

Note other Fantasy Trip freebies available now: Melee, the classic game of sword-and-shield combat, and a book of 40 – yes, forty! – postcard adventures for TFT.

28-page PDF. Stock #37-5582, $FREE.
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Shipped March 5, 2020

Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2

New perils and possibilities await the heroes.

In your Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game campaign, you always need more: more loot, more adversaries, and more of the unexpected to bring the game to life. Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2 delivers! This supplement includes 16 rare or unique magical items to discover, a half-dozen deadly monsters to face, and 14 fascinating foes to plot against the heroes – each with a full-color illustration! It also provides new templates, gear, professions, and more.

Although designed for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, this supplement can be used with GURPS as well, especially GURPS Dungeon Fantasy.

67-page PDF. Stock #31-1010, $15.00.

Shipped March 2, 2020

Kitten d6 Litter (Bulk)

Featuring the adorable artwork of Katie Cook, this set of 36 16mm six-sided dice brings mischievous kittens to your favorite game! Just be careful when you take these cute kitty and paw print dice to your next gaming session; the other cat fanatics at the table may try to knock the dice to the floor and keep them for themselves!

36 adorable and assorted kitty dice! Stock #5933P, ISBN 080742097704. $32.95.
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