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Ogre March

A G.E.V. scenario

by Dave Seagraves

9.06 Ogre March

These scenarios depict an early surprise attack versus an enemy command post. An intelligence leak allowed for an early warning and reinforcement of the area, which prompted the Combine to send in one Ogre early, instead of two as originally planned.

9.061 Setup.

Use the G.E.V. map. The defending (Paneuropean) player (White) gets the following: 15 strength points of infantry, 8 armor units, and Command Post Alpha (D3, M0); which may be placed anywhere on the map except for river or lake hexes. The attacking (Combine) player (Black) gets one Ogre Mark III, which enters from any lake hex on the eastern edge of the map. The entry hex counts for movement. The attacker moves first.

9.062 Reinforcements.

The defender receives one reinforcement each turn, as per G.E.V. Section 9.032.

9.063 Special rules.

At the start of the game all town and forest hexes as well as all bridges and roads are intact. G.E.V. Sections 8.03 through 8.05 should be used. Cruise missiles may not be used.

9.064 Objectives and victory points.

Both sides receive victory points for the destruction of enemy units. The attacking Ogre also gets 25 victory points for the destruction of CP Alpha.

9.065 Escape.

Defenders may escape to any side of the map. The Ogre is deep within enemy lines, and cannot escape.

9.066 Advanced scenario.

This scenario represents what would have happened if both Ogres had gone in 24 hours later. Triple the number of defending armor units. The attacker gets an additional Ogre Mark III-B, and gets 25 additional victory points for destroying CP Alpha.

9.067 Victory conditions.

Use the victory conditions stated in G.E.V. Section 9.047.

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