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Assault on Amsterdam

An Ogre scenario

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September 2092
Although the first Combine attack on Amsterdam in August 2092 was repulsed, the six weeks that followed saw frequent swarms of cruise missiles targeting the regional PanEuropean headquarters. The network of laser towers was doing its job, however, and every missile had been destroyed harmlessly miles from anything useful.

In mid-September, Combine Ogres and GEVs were observed organizing off Denmark, obviously preparing for another attack on Amsterdam. PanEuropean forces were redeployed to meet this threat, leaving Amsterdam with only its lasers and home guard.

At dawn on 22 September, the woods around Amsterdam come alive with the sound of Combine Tanks. Within minutes it is obvious that this is no mere feint, but instead an attack directed at Amsterdam's lasers. As the PanEuropeans recognize the trick, can they restore Amsterdam's defenses before the cruise missiles start flying?



Six half-maps, oriented as follows:
G1 SouthS1 South
S2 NorthG2 North
S2 SouthS1 North
(Rotated 180°)


Place the following overlays.

Clear terrain

  • G2N - 1508

Town terrain

  • G2N - 1510
  • G2N - 1511
  • G2N - 1512
  • G2N - 1711
  • G2N - 1712
  • S1N - 1206
  • S1N - 1510
  • S1N - 0912 (see G2N-1512)
  • S1N - 0712 (see G2N-1712)

2-hex town with straight road and three-way intersection

  • G2N - 1611 (straight road in line with 1604-1610 road)
  • S1N - 0811 (three-way connecting S1N-0711, S1N-0911 and G2N-1611)

Forest terrain

  • S1N - 0312
  • S1N - 0411
  • S1N - 1112
  • S1N - 1912
  • S1N - 2112
  • S1N - 2305
  • S1N - 2307
  • S1N - 2310
  • S1N - 2311
  • G2N - 2112
  • G2N - 1312
  • G2N - 0512
  • G2N - 0312 (all half-hexes with S1N)
  • S2S - 2319
  • S2S - 2317
  • S2S - 2314
  • S2S - 2313 (all half-hexes with S1N)

Road (straight, 2-hex length)

  • S2S - 2121
  • S2S - 2220
  • S2S - 2320

Railroad (straight, 2-hex length)

  • S2S - 2123
  • S2S - 2222
  • S2S - 2322

Other re-defined terrain.

On map S1-North, all hexes from the river (1501-0112) toward hex 0101 are considered open water.

On maps G1-South, S2-North, and S2-South, all hexes from the river (G1S-2012 - S2S-0114) toward hex row 01xx are considered open water.

Any half-hex terrain (other than clear) is considered to occupy the entire hex. (With the overlays, there should be none of these.)

Any half-hexside streams are considered to occupy the entire hexside. (This should affect only hex S1N-2308/S2S-2316, where only the edge with number 2308 is clear.)

Amsterdam is defined as the following city hexes:

  • G2N - 1510-1512, 1610-1611, 1710-1712
  • S1N - 0710-0712, 0810-0811, 0911-0912

PanEuropean Forces

The PanEuro player deploys first but moves second.

PanEuro Initial Forces and Buildings

Amsterdam forces

  • 4x 3/1 Infantry
  • 4x 10SP Admin buildings (PE blue)
  • 2x 30SP Admin buildings (grey)
  • 2x 60SP Strongholds (PE blue)

Laser Towers

  • 4x 20SP Laser Towers (PE blue)
  • 2x 40SP Laser Towers (grey)

Laser Turrets

  • 6x 20SP Laser Turrets (PE blue)
  • 2x 40SP Laser Turrets (grey)
  • 8x 3/1 Infantry

Ogre forces

  • 1x Doppelsoldner
  • 1x Fencer
  • 1x Fencer-B

Amsterdam forces must be deployed in any hexes of Amsterdam.

Laser Towers must be deployed in any of the island hexes.

  • G2N - 1507-1508
  • G2N - 1606-1608
  • G2N - 1907

Laser Turrets may be deployed in any city hex on G2 North or S1 North, excluding Amsterdam. Each laser turret must be placed with a 3/1 INF.

Ogre forces may be deployed in any non-water hex on map S2 with hex number 1023 or less (hex rows 01xx - 10xx).

Combine Forces.

The Combine player deploys second but moves first.

Combine Initial Forces:

  • 8x Superheavy Tank
  • 12x Heavy Tank
  • 12x Missile Tank

Superheavy tanks may be deployed in any forest hex or town hex connected to edge 23xx of map S1 North or contiguous to edge 01xx of map G2 North, on maps G1 South or S2 North, or between edge 01xx and the road from S1S-0512 to G2N-0104.

Heavy tanks and Missile tanks may be deployed in any forest hex or town hex connected to or north of row xx17 on map S1 South. In this sceario, “connected to" means that a continuous path of forest/town hexes connects the placement hex with the specified line of hexes.

For example, a Superheavy may deploy in G2N-0312 but may not deploy in G2N-0512.


PanEuro Reinforcements

Turn 4

  • 12x GEV enter water hexes, S1 North 0101-1501.

Turn 9

  • 12x GEV enter water hexes, S1 North 0101-1501.

Combine Reinforcements

Turn 4

  • 12x Light GEV enter from river on maps G1S and S2.
  • 12x GEV-PC enter from river on maps G1S and S2.
  • 12x 3/1 Infantry enter mounted on GEV-PCs.

Turn 10

  • 4x Missile Crawler Enter land hexes, S1 South 0401-2301.

The Turn 4 reinforcements are considered to be moving from the water's edge, so may immediately move on land.

Special Rules

Use the Rules for Overrun (8.0), Cruise Missiles (10.0), Buildings (11.0), Lasers (12.0), Damage to Terrain and Roads (13.01), and Damage to Bridges (13.02). Rules 13.03 (Ogre equivalents) and 13.07 (Partial damage to superheavies) have not been playtested and are not recommended.

Objectives & Backstory

The Combine forces, lead by an underwater force of SHVY and a land-based force of smaller tanks, are attempting to bring down the laser network and begin the destruction of Amsterdam. The GEV reinforcements, scrambling from the (feint) assembly area arrive to face the PanEuro reinforcements and continue the destruction. Finally, the Missile Carriers enter to make a shorter-range launch against a defenseless Amsterdam.

The PanEuro forces are thin at the start, consisting only of lasers and garrison infantry. The Ogres begin redeployment back to Amsterdam, but will not arrive until about Turn 10. Similarly, a group of GEVs immediately redeploy to meet the Combine attack, with a second group coming later to further bolster Amsterdam. Between the Ogres and GEVs, Amsterdam should be protected from cruise missiles (until the lasers can be rebuilt), assuming that anything survives the initial assault/

Victory Conditions

The scenario ends after Turn 12 (or when a PanEuro Ogre occupies Amsterdam while no Combine forces are in Amsterdam).

The Combine player's victory points are determined by the following items:

  • 1 VP per SP destroyed in Amsterdam. (Maximum: 220 VP.)
  • 20 VP per city hex destroyed (but not cratered) in Amsterdam. (Maximum: 260 VP.)
  • 40 VP per city hex cratered in Amsterdam. (Maximum: 80 VP.)

Combine victory

Combine earns at least 420 VP.

PanEuro victory

Combine earns less than 420 VP.

Scenario Variants

Limited Space

Remove maps G1 South, S2 North, and S2 South.

Combine Reinforcements enter edge 01xx edge of S1 South, 01xx edge of G2 North, or 23xx edge of S1 North at start of second movement phase of Combine Turn 4.

PanEuro Ogre force enters S1 North hexes 2302-2304 (from railroad to road) on PanEuro Turn 5.

(Also, note that hex rows 01xx-08xx of maps G1 South, S2 North, and S2 South are essentially unused and can be folded under the rest of those maps.)

Customized Combine Forces

The Combine player may choose their forces, subject to the following constraints:

  • Initial units can only be Tanks (SHVY, HVY, MSL, LT) and mounted INF. Total armor points: 40.
  • Turn 4 reinforcements can only be GEVs (GEV, LGEV, GEV-PC) and mounted INF. Total armor points: 30.
  • 3/1 INF may be chosen for 1 armor point each.

Bidding for Combine

To provide further balance, players may bid to play Combine forces.

Option 1: bid on total force

  1. Each player secretly writes down the number of armor points they bid.
  2. Lowest bid gets to play Combine.
  3. Initial units must be between 40% and 60% of the low bid in armor points.
  4. Turn 4 reinforcements are the remainder of the low bid in armor points.

Option 2: bid on initial force

  1. Each player secretly writes down the number of armor points they bid.
  2. Lowest bid gets to play Combine.
  3. Initial units must total no more than the low bid in armor points.
  4. Turn 4 reinforcements are limited to 30 armor points.

The Ogre Scenario Book 2 PDF, combining all of these scenarios, may be purchased on Warehouse 23

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